Brethren Socks

I've finally started the Brethren socks...IN RED!!!!!! I'm taking Crafty Andy's lead with the bright colors. I'm also doing a grey hooded sweater vest for by sister's November. Pictures will follow soon, I hope.



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Is that (Gasp!) Jungle Red, Passion In Spain Red, Another Red-Eye Red, or merely...Red?

C'mon, we all gotta know!

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The label just says red. It's Deborah Norville sock yarn. I guess I can't expect much more.


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Hey Terry congratulations! I just finished a pair of bright orange. I like bright colors they make me smile!

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You were my inspiration for the bright color red. It's too bad solids are so hard to find in my area; especially bright colors.

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Have fun with the pattern. But double check your gauge after you have knit a bit...I ended up tighter than expected once I got most of the first attempt done. Changed needle size, and it was all okay.

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My first pair were RED alpaca from Misty Alpaca. I love wearing them. In winter especially last winter when things were pretty bla that red brightened my day!

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That's awesome, Terry! I look forward to some progress pics, hopefully? Brethren is a great pattern. I second Joe's comment about checking gauge. I probably wasn't as careful as I could have been as mine are a tad looser than I'd prefer.