Hoohah happy saturday

It took forever, but I got a zipper band that I am very happy with for the sweater: I picked up stitches through the inside edge of the cardigan, and knit 8 rows in stockinette stitch on the outside and 3 row's +cast off on the inside (same pick up stitches) to form a "V" in which the zipper sits. The outer band rolls back on itself just shy of the actual zip, and looks like a double I cord band down the center of the cardigan. Looks great, won't catch, and is finished on both inside and outside. Hooray.


sounds great - any chance you could post a couple of pics?

I agree with bendbarr, you've got my attention, now I want to see it!


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Yes, I will be completing it today, and will get it photog'ed tomorrow and post the pictures. Now, understand that I didn't create the sweater, just the zipper band. But the sweater is very attractive, none-the less.