Bright Orange Brethren

Morchen Brethren (3)
These are bright orange, as in San Francisco Giants Orange. I can not say it enough, this pattern rocks and I get complimented every time for the beautiful cables and of course the bright colors. I use a nectarine so that you can actually compare the coloring. Thanks for stopping by!
Morchen Brethren (4)


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Love 'em.....I'm doing red. maybe turquoise next.


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I am not sure what I will be doing next, but Turquoise sounds nice, maybe a teal or another kind of bright green. Perhaps some flaming red!

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Knock your eyes out orange...Wow! Great job, as always, Andy.

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You do such a lovely job with that pattern. Your collection of Brethren Socks is going to look like a box of crayons. Do you follow it exactly - even to the needle size?

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Hey Ron. The pattern is followed for gauge, I use a smaller needle US 1 2.25 mm as I am a bit of a loose knitter. Since I used double strands for reinforcement of the heel and toe, I need to do some modifying. I only modify the toe as doubling the yarn allows me to skip about 12 rounds of plain knit and still do the decreases at the toe level. I hope this answered your question.

I like the crayon box effect in my sock drawer!

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Thanks, Andy. You inspire me and I am going to get the brightest sock yarn I can find and make a pair.

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The colors you choose, Andy, always brighten my day! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.


Being of Dutch ancestry I have to say I LOVE IT! I myself made a pair with Koigu awhile back for summer wear !