Lampshade parts update

Hey all,
I asked at work about a price list for lampshade tops and rings. I offered to pay full price (no employee discount), as I planned on reselling it. The office manager, surprised by my honesty, liked the idea. As she started preparing the price list, the plant manager put a halt to it. I can not understand why he is unwilling to sell me the same items, at the same price, we sell to our customers. Silly me thought, sells was the ultimate goal. I am currently researching other suppliers. I would have rather reinvested into the company I work for, but they (the plant manager) does not seem interested. Typically, if it is not his idea, it is nothing.

If anyone is still interested in knitting a lampshade, you can check eBay, or your local lamp shop for parts. You could also recycle/up-cycle parts from a shade bought at a yard sale or 2nd hand store.

Reconsidering my employment,

Anyone know of a CNC programmer/operator opening anywhere?