I need help / advice with current DK project

Hey gang,
I did not want to share this just yet, but I am running out of ideas. I am working on a mod/drop sleeve double knit cardigan. The problem is: how to pickup stitches in double knit and maintain the color pattern.
What I would love to do is pickup the stitches on the fly (as each row is worked).
I have tried:
1. double working the edge stitches, once for the body, again for the pickup.
2. working edge stitches with 2 stands, transferring one loop to pickup needle.
3. a wrap/turn variation on the edge stitches. picking up and working wraps later. (this seems most effective, but how to wrap the 1st stitch in the row, any suggestions?)

Here are a couple of pictures to give you an idea

Don't you dare call this "doll clothes".
I'm a guy, this is a "scale model"
just kidding
It does cover all the challenges I will face in the full size version (increases, decreases, maintaining color pattern when stitch count changes... etc)

Any advice appreciated,

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Hi Steven,
While I don't have a clue about double knitting yet, I thinks its a great idea to make a mini version of the garment to find out what elements may cause you difficulties. Good idea!


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With this project I am really glad I did. The short-row shoulder shaping would have messed up the color pattern. Seven test swatches later, and I am prepared for it.

Unfortunately twelve swatches have not offered a solution to the "pickup stitch" problem.

Well the only true failure is not trying. As Edison once said, "I now know a thousand ways how not to make a light bulb" (slightly paraphrased).

I'll cross post to Ravelry's doubleknit group. They might have a solution or some new ideas.


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And while you are waiting - drop in at the Mended Drum and have a scumble or three (mostly fruit, y'know, good for you!) - Someone thee may have the answer - if not, they commiserate well.

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