Fun with felting

Hey guys, I finished my project today so here are a few pictures! It is a felted, two-pocket bowl (aka Fanny Basket) by Cat Bordhi. Cat said that...

things started out innocently enough. She wanted to create a saddlebag-style basket with two compartments. It wasn't until the felting process was complete that she realized what she had actually created. So, due to its unintentional but undeniable resemblance to a certain part of the anatomy, she knew she had to call it a Fanny (or Bum) Basket.

This is a present for a friend and coworker of mine who has a very silly sense of humor. She has been wanting one of these ever since she saw the pattern in Cat's book. I finally got around to making it and it was a lot of fun and mostly very easy. I say mostly because of the incorporation of a moebius cast-on. This gives the handle an intentional twist (and technically gives the bowl just one surface!). It wasn't hard to do, just new and different. And kind of amazing to watch it take shape.

You can read a lot more about the moebius cast-on in Cat's book "A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting" which has everything from scarves and felted bowls of all sorts, to cat (or small dog) beds, shoulder bags and more. This isn't a commercial for the book, but those of you who know me from here know that I'm a big fan of Cat's work and her fearless creativity.

This project is one that was on the needles for a long time, due to a busy summer and lack of time. While knitting this, I had all kinds of ideas of what I wanted to make next, but now I'm not sure. I hope to start something in the next few days in any case. Hansi's creatures are calling me again, so it may just be a critter of some sort!



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What fun! Thanks for sharing. The Möbius is truly a wondrous thing, indeed.

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Boy, was I ever off base.


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I imagine it was a chore to block this after felting. You did a great job.

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Thanks! I used bags of dried beans that conformed really well to the shape of each compartment.

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Also want to mention that the handle is wonderful idea.