Brethren Socks Help HELP!!!

I'm trying to knit the Brethren Sock that so many on here have made. But I've done something wrong. Would any of the guys who have completed these successfully be able to help please/????? I'm using magic loop.

I've picked up the gusset stitches. And the stitches for the instep are not centered. There's thirty-eight stitches on the instep needle, and fifty-two on the wire.

I don't want these to be another "in time out" project.



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I've not done this pattern, yet. For some patterns, you need to move the beginning of the round to get things back in order. Since you are doing magic loop, you could just leave the beginning where it is, pull the loop out and then recenter the loop by pulling the cable out again at the half way point. Hope this make sense. If not, maybe someone else will chime in.

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Actually, Shawn I think it does. I've since ripped and restarted. There was no way I was going to rip back to a certain point and try to pick up stitches in cables...I ain't that good!!!! But I have saved your advice, and see if it helps when I reach that point again. Thanks!!!!


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When I am doing my Brethren on dpns the instep is not centered , yet you should have 34 stitches on your instep at 72 total. After I pick up the gusset I have 34 stitches on the instep and 56 on the rest, so I have a total of 90 stitches. I hope this make sense. If not ask the question again. If you are doing magic loop. you should use some kind of stitch markers to divide the sock in sections. It 's my suggestion, not a command ha haha.