Eucalyptus Sport Weight Sweater

This yarn is Brown Sheep Company's Nature Spun 100% wool sportweight from a one pound cone that was only $16 on sale.The color is "eucalyptus"..... green with a grayish tint. To alleviate the tedium of working plain stockinette stitch and to add textural interest, every fourth row is worked in a pattern repeat of K4, P2, offsetting the purl stitches on alternating pattern rows. Surprisingly, this makes the knitting go faster for me, as the pattern keeps me from dozing off! This lightweight sweater knit on US #5 needles is ready for those first cool days of late September.....that will soon be here.

Image icon Eucalyptus Pullover79 KB
Image icon Neckline and Stitch Detail166.21 KB


Bill's picture

that's BEAUTIFUL!!!!

CLABBERS's picture

I really like the texture you gave it. I am going to do that with the next sweater I make. It's beautiful!


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

The texture is perfect for making a great sweater.

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SAPBrown's picture

Lovely color,great texture.

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