Spiral Rib "Illusion" Socks

When spiral ribbing is worked with striped yarn, an interesting illusion is created: diamond zig-zags appear! The perfect yarn for this technique is KnitPicks "Felici"..... the color contrasts are bold and the stripes are broad and even. The color "Foxglove" was used for these socks. Spiral knitting is best worked on a circular needle, as the stitches "travel" as you knit round and round.
For those with "sock savy" here are some notes for these ladies size medium socks knit top down on one Addi 12 inch, 2.5 mm circular needle:
* k1, P1 ribbing worked on 60 sts for ten rounds.
* 12 sts increased around to 72 sts for spiral rib ankle portion.
* Spiral Rib: (on a mult of 6 sts) [ K2, YO, K 2, K2 tog]> repeat this around
and around without any marker to form the ankle.
* Before start of heel flap, decrease 12sts around to 60 sts total and finish
as basic sock.
Because I appreciate symetry and balance, I worked the spiral ribbing of the second sock to run in the opposite direction and create a mirror image.
This rib is: [ SSK, K2, YO, K2 ]> around.

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Simply amazing! Beautiful work and fun to look at too.


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That is a very nice looking sock.

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I love the look of these and would like to make a pair but I'm only a beginning sock knitter so I have a couple of questions.

After knitting the ribbing you say '12 sts increased around to 72 sts for spiral rib ankle portion.' How do I do this? Do I just knit one time around the sock and after every 10 stitches add 2 more?

With the spiral ribbing you say to knit around and around without any marker. Does this mean that I don't have to keep track of where the beginning of the row is, I just knit to the correct length?

Same question for the line 'decrease 12sts around to 60 sts total and finish' Do I spread out the decreases evenly around the sock or does it not matter?

Sorry if these are basic questions, I think I've figured out the rest!

To answer some of your questions about these sock instructions I will tell you my preferences for the increases, I would increase 1 stitch after every 5th stitch so they would be evenly spaced around the sock. For the decreasing back to patterns original stitch number I would decrease after every 5th stitch so they would be evenly spaced. In this spiral ribbing pattern you can just keep knitting till your correct length. Again these are only how I would work the sock if I was knitting them. I hope this clears some of your questions.