Hispanic Heritage Month Interview


I was interviewed for this blog and I wanted to share the link with you.



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Andy, What a great interview! I love the photos and I'm going to spend time going to all the links. We joined MWK just a few months apart and have known each other for some time but I learned so much about you in the interview which I didn't know (I guess that's the point of an interview). I have always admired your skill as a needleworker and your talent as a designer. Kudos to you for your contributions to our craft. Muchas gracias for sharing!

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Jesse you are one of my blogging friends and I have missed you here. This site has a special place in my heart, because I have met a lot of nice fellows i and gals in here.

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Love the interview, Andy!
...Wish everyone could see your tapestry hats in person...YOU and the hats...are UNIQUE!!!

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Thank You Bill. You are one of of those people who always encourages me with my work. You are appreciated.

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That's a terrific interview and the photos are quite flattering for both you and the yarn work. As a blogger about knitting myself, I'm jealous that I didn't think to ask you for an interview first. :) Excellent article.


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Congrats on the interview and recognition - you so deserve it. I am always inspired by looking at your work. It has made me tackle some tapestry crochet hats myself this past winter. Rather than 'gift' them to people, I just offered them and was surprised that all 8 went. It is always interesting to see who chooses what, as they were all different. It has made me re-think the idea of me choosing a certain design and color scheme for a particular person, and crossing my fingers that they will like it!

Your work, on the other hand, would surely be treasured by anyway lucky enough to get it.

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I know what you mean and thanks for the compliment

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Felicidades, Andy. I am so glad that you and your skill and creativity are being recognized. Wonderful photos.

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Great interview, Andy. Let's us know just a little bit more about one of our favorite fellows.

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