Lobsters in the Cathedral -Update 10/4 Almost Done

Good Morning Guys,
Lobsters is almost done. Over the last two weeks I finished the sleeves and last night assembled all the pieces of the sweater. Now just have to add the collar and button platt. Had to order another skein to finish and found the right dye lot and will have it in about a week. Picture is poor but you can get a good idea of how it will finish. Final picture and last blog on it posted with me wearing it when it is done. Its been a fun project and I learned so much designing and fitting it without a pattern. Well worth the time. Its going to be a great cool weekend here in St. Louis. Hope everyone has some to to get some knitting in before the work weeks starts up again.



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Outstanding! I am looking forward to seeing it finished and being modeled. I sure hope you publish the pattern.


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Outstanding work. I am anxious to see the final outcome.

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It goes without saying that this is an outstanding garment. I especially like the squared-off sleeve/body join. It goes with the rest of the design. I'm keen to see the finished cardigan.

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really nice, and beautiful construction of the garment

I don't do cables ( yet !), but it inspires me to chart the pattern as a 2 or 3 color stranded project. that could be fun.
Is this your own cable design, or is it a standard well known one?

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Standard one not original.

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cool. then i would like to chart it out as a stranded piece to mimic the cables. This is something i have been kicking around for a while.

maybe after my current sock is done, i'll move on to that. Have to keep busy after all : - )