Some Powerful Thoughts About Men

After a careful read and a long think-through

(I know, rather inelegant an introduction and screams for a pithy word to encapsulate, but I move on...), I believe: any man should benefit from this thought provoking article; any parent should consider this carefully; any man who has felt marginalized because of who they are, take a read.

Some Powerful Thoughts About....Men


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Very nicely and understandably written!
...(not what I expected...)

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That is a great essay on how to rid our culture of sexism and all that trickles down from it. Lots of great insights whether a man is gay, straight, or somewhere else along the spectrum.

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Thanks for sharing, great article, I am going to share it on Facebook

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Stitches East is in Hartford! Thursday I attended a terrific class given by Elise Duvekot called Columns of Color. I'm going back on Saturday to BUY!

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I enjoyed the article but I thought the comments at the end of it were most telling....

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