Socks again, woo!

Here's a picture of some more socks I made. I love them. They're so comfortable and great for long walks. They feel like all-around foot cushions!

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Beautiful socks.


I love the colours. I have to admit as the winter is drawing nigh here, wearing hand knitted wool socks is something of a blessing. My feet now are so happy!

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Those look great. There is nothing quite like a well fitting pair of hand knit socks for comfort, I think.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great work.

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Great yarn and the socks look very nice

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Very fun colors in those socks. It reminds me of some sort of candy I had when I was a little boy. Which yarn did you use? Were they toe-up or top-down. I ask because I am still in the sock learning stage and am always curious about the construction. You did a great job. What pattern did you use? It looks as though the stitches change as you go down the length of the socks.

Thanks for sharing!


These were top-down socks. There was a chart for the stitch pattern. I'll link to it and the yarn below. I found the yarn in a local wool shop and I liked the colours, then I checked the website for some patterns when I got home. I ended up using a pattern for a different yarn, but they came out nicely.

It's 6-ply as well, for extra cosy comfort. I'm glad these weren't my very first socks as the pattern was slightly confusing in places (talking about working back and forth on the chart when the pattern is worked in the round, and using some slightly unusual wording). I think it was translated from German so perhaps made more sense then.

Anyways here are the yarn and the free pattern.

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Thanks! I downloaded it and will take a look at it soon. I appreciate it.

Thanks everyone for the positive comments. I never really set out to be a sock knitter, but it's so expensive to buy the wool for larger projects that I'll need to wait until my finances improve a bit before I get back to bigger projects.

I like doing socks, though, as they're relatively quick to knit up and I can do them on the train/bus/plane without digging my long straight needles into the person beside me!

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Great socks. Thanks for sharing. Inspired by the work posted by this group. Chuck