Socks Done

Finishing up several projects. The socks are now done. Going to be a great weekend to rake leaves. Just in time. Have a fun couple of days guys. Regards, JRob

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Nice!!!! I really like those...


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Very nice socks. I am partway down the foot on the first of two pairs; one is plain knit, the other has a pattern. Both are progressing slowly because of the sweater I'm knitting for charity. Good thing I only knit for my own pleasure...if these were commissioned works, I'd be in violation of the contract. LOL

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hey there JRob! I like the colors of those socks. I also like that you started the ribbing so close to the toe. I am working on a pair for my brother. I may do ribbing on the instep so they will give a bit more than they might with stockinette stitch.

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They turned out great! Is the shaping on each toe identical, or did you do anatomically shaped toes for left and right feet?

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