Socks with lace pattern

3 pair of socks finished. They will be given away for an Christmas Fair at my local hospital. I'm not used to knit socks with lace pattern, but these one I think was easy and fun to make. Its from Drops Design 130-19. I used Regia Sockyarn, the yellow is Trendpoint, the other to is in Sentimento.

Now I have to concentrate on the projects that I have promised to knit :D....I always get a little bit stressed when I knit for other people, but this year, I'm sure I have enough time to get done with it :D!

Have a nice week with lots of knitting :D!


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Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Those are very lovely socks and great colors. I hope they are greatly enjoyed by whomever gets them.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Wonderful stitch work, I love the colors also!

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These socks look just great and the colour combination is cool. Why do we get stressed when we knit for other people?-- we should realise that the people that we knit for most likely can't knit and are also gob smacked that the products have been knitted by a male! well done you! ;-0

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What wonderful socks. Beautiful work.

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Beautiful work. They look fun. Were they difficult to knit? I haven't tried lace yet.

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My experience with lace socks is that they aren't too difficult to knit - unless you lose your place in the pattern. However, because of the stretchiness of lace, I found I will have to adjust my stitch count down on future pairs and, possibly, make them a bit shorter in the foot. The pair I designed for myself were too large for me but fit a friend of mine perfectly. She is around 6 foot tall and has long feet and reported back that they are quite comfortable and received lots of positive comments.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very nice socks!