Midwest Fall Men's Retreat review

I am just winding down from the retreat this past weekend. It normally takes a few days to come back to "earth" so to say.
The Midwest Fall Men's Retreat is not one of your glorified ones of workshops etc. Its very relaxed. Primary interest is a great group of men who share their love for the craft.
And this is the thought that has been running around in my head. (I admit I think too much and it often gets me into trouble LOL) But it is the one thing I totally enjoy to find meaning in areas of my life.
I am not a big "professional knitter" I do not own large stashes of yard(although I think that is changing LOL) however I love the relaxation I get from the craft. When I get together with other like minded men it simply helps me to break down my stereotypes of others.
Being gay, I have over the years been lucky to have a small group of "straight men" become close friends of mine. Accepting me where I am. I too accept them where they are(ask me sometime about cruising a lesbian bar with a straight male friend of mine) it is often a blessing when these relationships occur. In a world where hate towards you is often preached and knocking on your door, its nice to know I can go to a place where I feel apart of the whole.
We had a few new members attending this year as well as a few who were from prior retreats. We do not have T.V. (some including myself had some electronics) so our socialization was limited to "us" and the craft.
I think these two elements helped to break down the distance we often have between each other due to the social media rampages and negative view we receive almost daily. Going back to the basics as best we can(we did have to put logs on the stoves) showed us the values we each contributed to each other as well as the craft.
These retreats often give me consolation that there are little patches of tranquility in this world still.


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it was a fantastic relaxing weekend full of knitting, good company, good food. Beautiful location.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation


Hey Mario
I was worried about you sitting in the back...thought you might freeze to death LOL. I still am amazed of all the creativity you have and the issues you had with the purl stitch. Goes to show you how you keep at it you blossom.

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That is what the retreats are all about...men connecting with other men who knit. Gender identity and orientation are not important, just the sharing of the craft we love and the works we create. I'm glad that you had a wonderful time - and the rest of the fellows in attendance as well.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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AS far away as I was from the stove I was still almost overheated....that thing threw out a LOT of heat...

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation