Diagonal stripes?

OK, so my daughter wants a scarf in the spirit of Wesley Crusher's sweater in Star Trek.

Easy enough, except she wants the stripes on one end of the scarf, and diagonal. I haven't really done colorwork before, and I want the stripes to be the same on both sides, so I'm not sure how to do this.

The scarf is plain grey wool to resemble the sweater. I decided to do alternating blocks of stocking stitch, k8, p8, k8, p8, k8, then reverse in the other direction so I have columns of knit, then purl, etc. Seemed like it would give it more interest than plain stocking stitch or garter.

I could do the stripes in duplicate stitch afterward, but they'd be nicer knitted in. Any suggestions on how to do diagonal stripes that look the same on both sides?


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Not sure how you would do that, but I think that design would look great! Good Luck!


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I, too, think the colours are lovely and I can picture the scarf with the diagonal stripes.
You could probably accomplish it by knitting a tube scarf


You could put a marker to divide the scarf in half and on the row you choose you would knit until 10 before the marker and knit 10 of one of the contrasting colours, duplicate it on the other side and then on the next row you would start the contrasting colour one stitch before and knit 10 again ......Moving the starting stitch one stitch over each row.
Since it is all stocking stitch you won't see the colour burbs that you would in flat knitting. Whenever you change colours in knit and purl, there will be a row of bi- colour stitches.
I have knit many tube scarves with Fair Isle designs to use up left overs. Rather fun to make and nice and warm.
I imagine someone will have a much better way of doing it and I wish you good luck. I can only hope it is not a Christmas present.

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just thought i'd add that there are actually 2 versions of the color bars of wesley's shirt. the right bicep (does wesley even have biceps?) is like the one like you show in your picture, where the primary color lines are just straight around. but the left bicep is different, where the colors cross sort of like a celtic knot (might have to do that style as intarsia?). i'd think as long as you have the colors in the right order, you'll be good to go. i also saw this on a tumblr blog as a possible point of inspiration: https://36.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdn1pmyuQd1rho5imo1_500.jpg good luck! ;)

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Thanks for the info. I've had trouble finding photos of it.

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You could do one end in bias knitting as the paired increases and decreases will give you diagonal stripes. Then you can switch to regular knitting for the main part of the scarf.

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Joe, how clever. I never thought of that but can see it in my mind. What a treasure you are and I might try that for a scarf.

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Thanks for the kind compliment, Ron. Hope your Holiday was very lovely and that the New Year brings lots of joy.

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