Snow Tire Scarf - designed by Anne Hanson

As soon as my son and his family left to go home to TN I began the scarf. I am making it for myself. The color is pecan from La Jolla “Baah” Original Hand Painted Yarn 100% Super wash Merino - Fingerling Weight 30 sts +4 inches. I am using Lantern Moon 3.5 mm/US4 sized needles. Jeffrey

12/30 Here is a picture of my progress. I bought this yarn because it was a perfect pairing to the leather coat my wife got for me last Christmas. JRob

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That's a great looking pattern. I like the single cable and your color choice us very nice!

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Beautiful colour. I like the way the different stitches work together. I think the bottom shaping is very attractive. I look forward to seeing the finished scarf.

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That is a fantastic pattern and the color is gorgeous. I also look forward to the finished piece.

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This made me smile the moment I saw it! I love when handmade items cause me to smile, it means I instantly feel the fabulousness of it! Beautiful!


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Great pattern!

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