Fun fantastic fibers and BFA's

So i went to the Rhinbeck NYS Wool and Sheep Festival this past weekend and got some really fun fobers to spin and knit etc. First i fell upon some great merino/silk blend. Nice, but not too oout of the ordinary.
Then i found some Yak Fiber and freaked out a little bit inside. So bought it.
Then the last thing i found that knocked my socks off and took my breath away was something called EcoSpun and its 100% Recylced Plastics Soda Bottles. Consequently, i cannot wait to get it on my wheel, then on my needles. Gotta be cool.
Ok Next i was wondering if anyone knows of a University or specialty school where i can receive a BFA or degree in Fiber Arts...? I found a program at Syracuse University and may visit to see how the program is. If anyone has any other suggestions let me know please:) thanks. and done.


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That plastic bottle stuff sounds pretty cool. I do hope you post some pictures of whatever it is you decide to do with it.

I could easily have gone heavily into debt at Rhinebeck, but I managed to show some restraint and limited the few purchases I made to alpaca yarn. After a while of walking around the barns and seeing everything there was to see, it all started to look (and feel) the same. It was tough to decide what to actually buy.

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There is a BFA program in Fiber Arts at University of Wisconsin River Falls. Sound scarily rural? FEAR NOT. This charming little hamlet is now a bedroom community of that most Nordic Nitting-villas, Minneapolis/St.Paul. 18 miles outside the Twin Cites. Thrill to Prairie Home Companion. Experience bliss in the form of the Peanutbutterchocolate Pie at River Falls Cafe (gay owned). Delight in the smell of the dairy-air. Stuff yourself silly at the bounty that is the brunch buffet at Country Kitchen. Fill your new homestead with charming antiques from Scenic Stillwater and Afton, just across and on the Stunning St. Croix River. All this and more can be yours.... for a very reasonable tuition. OK, all jesting aside. I went to school there for BFA in Fibers and Clay. It was "a few" years ago, but the humanities/art department was TOP DRAWER and the facilities wonderful. There is a particularly wonderful Louet transverse spinning wheel in the fiber arts room that I would reimburse you generously for, should it suddenly be er....missing. Cheers from a former UWRF Falcon!

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The Eco-Spun sounds very cool, can't wait to see what you do with it. I went to the Kitchener Knitters Fair in September and had to show great control. I did succumb to the Camel Down, though I had to force myself to put down the Quivet.