Invisible cast on

Kiwi asked how to do this. You use a crochet hook. You make a slip knot around the crochet hook, then you hold your knitting needle in your left hand, you reach around graby the yarn, pull it thru, then flip the yarn over and around the needle and keep doing it. If you need to cast on say 50 stitches, then put abbout 53 stitches on your needle by this method. You just use throw away scrap yarn, you arent' using your main yarn for this. Then you take your second knitting needle and go into these fake stitches and actually do your first row of knitting. When you get to picking up the bottom row, picking up going into the round, you just pull out on the fake stitch, pick it up, and pull out the fake yarn It just unravels. I hope this makes sense. There probably is a great video of it on I just had the owner of my local yarn store show it to me and it really really works well.



I've been looking at this in my 'Big Book of Knitting' for ages and have never been able to decipher the drawings - now it makes sense. I'm going to have to give this a try on my next project.

I've also done a different beginning to ribbing that allows the first row to have the same stretch as the rest of the fabric. I bet that invisible caston does the same thing.

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this is awesome. i thought you were describing the crochet cast-on at first, but then it turned into provisional. the way I learned the provisional/invisible cast on was just to crochet a chain, but not onto the needle, and then knit into the back loop of the chain (like for toe-up socks,) but I would much prefer this way as I always debate which chain loop is the back one and this would be much easier and sturdier. never occurred to me to just do the crochet cast-on as the provisional. thanks!!! :)

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I"m glad my rambling seemed to make sense. I thought it was great when my knit guru showed me, and it worked great. I had read about making the crochet chain, and yeah, I can see how floppy that would be. Being on the needle really helps, and it just pulls right out. i"mglad I was a little bit of help to some people.