It was an incredibly busy, but very fun, weekend. I got to meet Aaron (AMBush) in the midst of all the chaos, in addition to a whole slew of knit bloggers, some of whom I read religiously (Yarn Harlot!) and some not so much. Being there as a vendor made it a bit difficult to get out and about to really see all the other vendors, but I did manage to bring home some goodies, including a Hitchhiker spinning wheel so I can do some spinning when I have down time at work (or anywhere else I decide to take it). I have a more or less full accounting and photojournal of the weekend here, but I'd love to hear about other folks' experiences of the weekend.


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I had a fabulous time in Rhinebeck on Saturday! It was so great to meet you guys, and Paul, and many of the other bloggers participating in the bingo. I stopped by your booth a little later after I had been by that first time in the morning and the booth was mobbed. I hope you guys did well and didn't spend more than you made!

I kidnapped my new digital camera which was supposed to be my birthday present for my party on Sunday, but surprisingly, I took very few pictures. You can check them out, including what little bit of yarn I bought, here: http://s37.photobucket.com/albums/e57/OrvilleD/Rhinebeck/

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Aside from the spinning wheel purchase, I only spent what I made in mouse sales. We were very busy, and having the book signing and the bingo certainly helped with that.

I love your photos! I especially love that you got one of the Mongol horde lady. She breezed past us Saturday morning in the hat and I didn't see her after that. Oh, and I learned from another blog that the funky fiddle thing is called a nyckelharpa and is the national instrument of Sweden. And I just looked at the Wikipedia entry for it and it's got a photo of that woman at Rhinebeck playing it! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyckelharpa

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That woman's hat was quite spectacular! Also, the guy playing the one mand band thing (don't know what it's called) was way more creepy-inbred-carnie-worker looking than his picture suggests, and the banjo boy was way hotter than his picture suggests. Thanks for clearing up the fillde thingy. We were wondering about that too.

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Awesome pics, Aaron! And I agree, the organ grinder was a little creepy. LOL! But that, too, is an interesting instrument.

What great pictures you guys took. I haven't *done* Rhinebeck - YET - but, I have been to the Estes Park Sheep & Wool Market up in the Rockies so I know what these things are about: CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION ! Oh, and LOTS of Goat People.

Another fun event to hit is Stitches put on by Knitting Magazine. Man, talk about Goat People. Acres of 'em.

Anyway, Mel: looks you guys had a blast. Thanks for sharing!

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Is he as cute in person as he is on the net???

Glad you had a good time and I agree. Yarn Harlot rocks!

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Guess you'll have to come up north and find out for yourself!