July Socks are done.

They were finished Sunday afternoon - July 19, 2015 - and were begun on June 28, 2015. Three weeks from start to finish...not bad for me. [Of course the second knit up faster as all the details were figured out...about a week.]
The socks are in Regia 6-ply yarn and knit on Addi Sock Rocket needles, sized 2.5 mm [which are the larger US size 1] so the fabric wouldn't be super dense...although it is pretty rigid.
The Estonian Band Heel - from Think Outside the Sox - was okay to knit but I doubt if I'll be using it again as I'm underwhelmed by the way it fits. I mainly wanted to try it because - if the calculations are done right - you work some decreasing in the heel flap that eliminates the need for a conventional gusset on the foot.
Undecided if these will remain in my sock drawer or be given away. still, overall, I think they were successful.

P.S. The background, scissors fob, and stitch markers were late birthday gifts from my friend, Molly. A crochet afghan of the TARDIS and Dr. Who charms for the beaded items. Yowza, what a gift...I've been a Whovian since 1972!

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My goodness, Joe, those are happy socks. Great design. I admire you trying a new heel. I have tried so many sock variations, but always come back to the originals that fit me so well. At my age I no longer want to waste a month knitting socks that are not comfortable. Have you used 6-ply much in the past?

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Thanks for the comments, Ron. I'm always on the lookout for new techniques related to socks and I helped a friend use this heel about a year ago. Mixed success then, so I decided to give it a try here since the stitch counts were the exact same as the sock from "Think Outside the Sox." These socks fit okay and the lack of a gusset doesn't effect the fit on the foot [which is similar to an Afterthought Heel] but I will have to wear them a few times to really pass judgment. You make a very valid point about going back to the "tried and true" components for socks and I usually stick to the ones that work for me. Still, I haven't any qualms about ripping back if something new doesn't work; I've so many socks in the drawer that it's no hardship to wait a little while longer for a new pair. LOL [In fact, this whole challenge may even encourage me to give a few more pairs away...which should delight my friends and family.]

As for the six ply yarn, this is the first time I've used it and it seems to knit up about the same as the sport weight yarns I use for the socks on 3.0mm needles. In fact, I probably should have used the 3.0 instead of the 2.5mm as the fabric is a bit stiffer than I anticipated. Oh well, after a few washes and wears, it won't matter so much. I do like it - even though it can split occasionally - and the leftovers are destined to be a kippah for a friend, or baby hat. I'm not certain which, though.

The design is based upon Jacquie Fee's "Circling Purls", a recreation/adaptation of a historic sock in Massachussetts, that was in Piecework magazine several years ago. I've made several versions and really like it. I'm enjoying revisiting older designs I've knit before as all of the technical things - for the most part - have been taken care of and all I have to do is just knit.

Take care - Joe

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