Progress of sweater skills

First jumper

This was a simple square jumper really messed up the neckline and run out of wool so reason sleeves a different color. Warm jumper but was more a practice run.


First real successful jumper neckline not so good but more the design then anything. Fake ribbing.


Real ribbing but not 1-1 and the Raglan pattern to steep in shoulders. When I decided to look for new software.


Better result, but bound of to tightly. So in for repair. Likely will reknit the bands.

The 3 year toddler sweater is my latest and a improvement on the others. What I found was I learn a new technique each time. Only now It is all coming together.

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Nice sweaters. I commend you for keeping notes and using them to improve your technique...that's what I do with my sock knitting.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Yeah with each jumper I like to record what worked what didn't. I would try some new technique , which often meant mistakes. But I think I am closer to knowing what works hope now to refine my skills. Also I would like to get a sock making machine but they are fairly pricey. Cheers.

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All of your projects are great. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the raglan sweater.

I will share the next one thanks for the encouragement.

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Beautiful sweaters. I like making raglan sweaters from the top down. The blue sweater is a really great color, but I also like the two-toned one with different sleeves. Well done.

So is there a reason you prefer to knit top down your sweaters?

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I like knitting from the top down so the sweater can be tried on as I go. I especially like raglan sweaters because the ease with which you can add the sleeves. I also like knitting the raglan in the round so there are no seams. Similarly, I knit socks from the toe up so I can try them on as I go.

Makes sense.

For me I rely on taking body measurements (ie sloper) and feeding these into the knitting pattern software. Then checking the pattern measurements as I go. I haven't done it myself but you can print the pattern and then join to tell if the fit is good. Also the software I use can be used for hand knitters. Anyway interesting to learn why you do top down.

I always like to do a Bert and Ernie sweaters. But to do the Bert jumper you probably need to knit sidewise, luckily the software can write the instructions this way too.

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It would be interesting to use the software to make patterns for hand knitting.