Fluffy Bunny Hat

So I love angora. It is so soft an sooo warm but it sooooo sheds. Is there anyway to make it not shed or minmize the sheddage?




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Give it away. (wink)

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Felting the yarn slightly before knitting, or knitting the garment verylarge and felting/shrinking until it fits is also an option: It won't completely eliminate shedding, but will cut down on it GREATLY. Angora felts VERY VERY VERY well. Anyone who's ever had a bunny to brush will affirm this.


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back in the 50's ... girls used to keep angora sweatters in the fridge...to prevent shedding...

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I don't know how it would work on angora but a quick shocking might help mat the fibers together without seriously felting it. Just get two containers, one of warm water, one of ice water, immerse it in the warm water and let it sit for a while, like maybe a minute or so, just enough to warm it up and get the yarn saturated, then dunk it in the cold water. You may have to do it a few times. This is pretty much the same as felting but since there's no agitation, it should just pretty much lock the fibers in the yarn together.

I've only done this once: with some really fuzzy really low twist bulky singles merino wool yarn and it seemed to help keep it together better but angora is a very different fiber, and I did it on yarn not a finished project. I also must add that I washed it in warm water with a bit of shampoo before shocking it since it seems to help the wool take on the water better.

Judging from your title, I'm guessing that you already made the hat. This will shrink the hat, I don't think by much but then again I don't quite know for sure. I'm somewhat afraid to post this since I don't want to be responsible if you take my advice and it ends up ruining your finished item but if you still have your swatch or any leftover yarn to make a swatch with it might be something to try on that.

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Well, since it is already knit into a hat, you're limited in what you can do.

This all starts with the source of the fibre. The young bunnies give the best fur, and the older ones have longer, smoother guard hairs which are the ones that shed. You have no control over this, but something to consider the next time you are buying some angora. Combed fibre is better than clipped.

The yarn should be felted a little so that the hairs will hold together. Of course, the guard hairs, the ones that shed, don't really felt well anyway, so it may not help. A little wool mixed with the angora is a better thing to do. Again, you don't have much control over this, unless you spin it yourself. You can felt the yarn with the hot soapy wash and cold rinse, and give it a good whack while wet on the cupboard or outside. It feels good for everyone involved! :-)

You can try knitting it a bit tighter as well, and hope to keep those errant hairs in place, but that is not always possible. Now that it is already knit into a hat, your only choice it to try and felt it a little now. Again, the hot water with some agitation is how you do it, and lay flat to dry. Sometimes you can just put it dry into the dryer, but you don't have as much control over how it will felt.

But that is why you used angora: for the fluffy halo! Just enjoy it, and the shedding is part of the charm (I guess).