Packing up and moving out

Good evening gentleman,

Spent the day on the computer looking for a new job, tying up loose ends, and in general prepping for another big move as we head back westward from our little corner of Michigan. Spending this almost unprecedented time online today made me realize it would be a crime not to pop on over here. I have popped in now and then since I last posted but I haven't dropped a note on here in quite some time. If it helps, I didn't even do so on my own blog. I honestly haven't been spending much time online.

I have been knitting. I've been working on wrapping up some projects before this move just to say they're done and off my plate in an effort to not have to keep track of them. And I found a couple of really old projects I forgot about. Some of them got put back on the burner, and some got tore out and "re-visualized" as the case may be. If that happened to be seen as a trash can filler, so be it. Don't worry, somewhere in this very county is a sheep growing more wool right now. It's all good. Mainly I wrapped up Christmas knitting early so I could get it in the mail and not worry about losing it in the move. In fact I mailed it on Friday. Yes, there's a bit of self satisfaction in that comment, but more relief than anything. Don't worry, this is not a new pattern in my life, jus the typical doing well under pressure.

I attached a picture of the largest of the said Christmas projects which was a sweater for my nephew. I decided that I didn't have quite enough yarn for a project for myself and I wasn't crazy about the chartreuse after I got this yarn home. He is smaller and colorblind, so win-win, right? Sorry, no pattern, I couldn't find a pattern to fit the little beanpole so I made it up as I went. Here's hoping the dang thing fits. I actually made it a bit big in hopes he may get a whole year out of it if his father doesn't destroy it in the wash. Fingers crossed.

I hope you're all well.


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The sweater is beautiful, Quinton. Good luck on getting your house sold and getting things organized for your move. I hope you are looking forward to new beginnings. Will you have such beautiful autumn views in your new home.

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Thanks for the update. Great looking sweater and I hope your nephew enjoys it very much. Safe travels and looking forward to new posts about the new home, etc..

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Brilliant sweater the colour transitions and pattern really nice, congrats

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Quinton, good luck with the move and the job hunting! Hope all goes smoothly.

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Thanks for checking-in. I don't spend much time online so I find it difficult to keep in touch with the different sites/groups. Best wishes with your move! As for that jumper, it is gorgeous. I love the colourway and the pattern. It is stunningly so professional looking.

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Trust all will be well and that the two of you plus all the dogs will be happy. Don't worry about the color of the sweater as all kids love bright things. The workmanship is stunning and that alone sells the piece. What a lucky nephew! John