Unkink previously knitted silk yarn

Anyone have any ideas on how to unkink previously knitted silk yarn. Can't find anything on Google.
Know soaking and hanging a skein of wool will get rid of kinks, but not sure I want to try this until I get information from someone who has done it before.
Have just knitted a silk scarf, but not happy with the edges rolling (not to mention a couple of mistakes I made knitting an I cord edge), so would like to start over, sans mistakes.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks. Drew


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Water won't hurt the silk. It might soften a little bit of the shine. You could also steam iron it. Literally put the iron top of the strand, a "rayon" setting, not too hot....and just pull the strand of yarn, the kinks will smooth out. I actually use a oiece of silk organza as a pressing cloth...even high heat won't hurt it.

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Thanks Bill

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Thanks Bill, 550yds of yarn might be a bit long to iron, so might try washing it.

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If you skein it and wet it, then hang with a weight, it should smooth out enough.
I'm guessing it's a type of raw silk, not a shiny embroidery type silk. You can't really hurt it, but you may find it bleeds some dye.

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You won't hurt the silk by washing it. But do not use hot-hot-hot water! The colour will run. Use hand-warm water, a little soap, and let it soak for about 10 min. Rinse. Hang to dry. I never use weights! That takes the elasticity out of the yarn. With silk (or any animal fibre), you should use a splash of vinegar in the final rinse water to give the yarn a bit of body and restore shine.

In fact, ANY yarn (except acryliks), can be re-used -- and ripping out ugly sweaters is the best source of good yarn. A good yarn can be re-knit over and over again with no harm, as long as you wash it between being re-knit.

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Thanks for all the helpful hints everyone

I've come a bit late to your question.
Not sure about silk but I use this method as I tend to recycle and reknit quite a lot.
1. Rip out work.
2. Make the yarn into skeins. A swift is the most useful tool for this. Or a niddy noddy.
3. Boil a kettle of water on the stove. Pass the skein over the steam gently relaxing the kinks. Move the skein around so that the whole skein had been exposed. Be careful not to burn yourself.
4. Reform the yarn into balls and it is ready to reuse.