Sock Yarn Sweater pattern

Hello guys,
I am still searching for a men's sweater pattern that I can use with sock yarn. Sadly, I haven't made any progress. I would use a pattern that I already have, but I fear I am not skilled enough to make the needed adjustment from worsted weight. I am not at the point in my knitting where I can rewrite patterns on the fly. Yes, I know I should be brave and just dive in and work through it, but I don't want to pay the money for good wool yarn and then waste it or get too frustrated and just store it in a bin for another time. The reason I am looking for sock weight yarn is because here in FL, we get some chilly days and night but not cold enough to warrant a thick sweater.

Thanks for any help you can offer.



I like Ann Budd's "The Knitter's Hand Book of Sweater Patterns," published in 2004.

It has patterns for a few types of sweaters (drop shoulder, modified drop shoulder, set-in sleeve, saddle shoulder, raglan, and seamless yoke) in five gauges (3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 stitches per inch). If you don't want to do any modifications to the patterns, all you need to do is figure out which needle size gives you one of those gauges, and a knitted fabric that you like.

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Thanks for the information. I found it at my local library. I'll go pick it up tomorrow.

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The above is one pattern that would be uni-sex, IMHO. However, sock yarn is sock yarn because it is packaged for socks and because it usually contains some nylon so that the socks last longer. Depending were you live, the weight of sock yarn, is fingering, 4 ply, 14 wraps per inch, etc. So you could look on Ravelry for patterns with those weights, try to get gauge and use the yarn length to calculate how much yarn you would need. I know there are lots of patterns out there that call for 4 ply or fingering weight yarn and that is the same weight as sock yarn. Good luck.