Colostomy bag cover

I have done some research this evening and can't find any patterns for a colostomy bag cover. A friend of mine had his perforated bowel removed a year ago and has to wear a bag now for the rest of his life unless they can figure out some way to restore things inside. Until then, he needs a bit of a boost. He hasn't been intimate with anyone so I thought he might like something a bit more than just a girdle type piece of cloth to cover it.

So....I am looking for a knitting pattern for a colostomy bag for a male. I doubt I will find one but one never knows. I am going to ask him for a bag and will use it as a pattern and use maybe soft bamboo or cotton yarn. Since no one has any knitted bags online that I can find, once I figure it out, I am going to publish a pattern if I have to write one.

If you happen to know of any patterns or know of anyone who wears a bag, do you know what they might like? I will ask my friend all this too but getting other people's input is always good too.

Thanks, my friends. This is important to me, so pattern or not, I am going to forge ahead and get it done.

Tallguy: You see, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and going to write my own pattern. Ha!



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Mark, I had to google to find out what a colostomy bag looked like, and covers was one option. Amazon sells some, but I found this on etsy.
...seems like a fairly simple shape, so I think you could knit one. I know ravelry has patterns for knitted hot water bag covers.

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Thanks, Bill. I found the same information and agree that it is a pretty simple pattern. The side that attaches to the body will be the only part that I will need to explore more, but I can get one of his bags and make some adjustments. I will probably just start at the top and do Judy's Magic Cast On like I would when making any type of seamless bag or pouch. Then borrow the idea from a balaclava for the opening. I have to check with him as to when and how he wants to put it on.

Thanks again, Bill.