Row/stitch counter apps - do you use one?

Due to several issues my memory is going out the window pretty quickly so I checked to see if there were any knitting/crocheting apps available to help keep track of rows and stitches. There are apps for everything else, why not this, right? LOL. Boy howdy are there!

There are a lot of them actually. I ultimately chose Bee Count on Android. It's got a clean UI and is easy to set up. You can attach counts to each other to have them automatically increase incrementally which is a cool feature.

Are you using one of these app? What is your opinion of it?

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I can’t even remember to turn the barrel counter

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I use one that you can get at Home Depot. It's metal and much more tolerant than any of the plastic ones out there. I definitely need a couple counters on some projects, especially when I am doing lace, or have varying stitches or rows that render my 64 yo brain completely fuzzy!
Here is a link to the product.