Red Scarf Project

I was wondering if any of you have ever knitted for, or know anything about the Red Scarf Project conducted through the Orphan Foundation of America ( They solicit hand-knitted scarves (in the month of January) in shades of red to give to 18-23 year olds who were formerly in foster care, and now are trying to go to college without the benefit of a family for support. Interweave Knits is one of the co-sponsors, and the foundation is listed with the Better Business Bureau, so I assume they are a fine organization. I thought, perhaps, some of you might have personal experience with this project and could share more information with me.


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it sounds very interesting - I have never heard of them - if there's a website or something that talks about the project, then it's probably fairly legit - It seems to me that the time it takes us to make a scarf - and send it off - if it's a fairly simple one, even if it doesn't make it to an actual orphan, the idea is pretty cool - however, being tied to certain organizations like the Orphan Foundation of America - it might be totally on the up and up... it seems to me like there are worse things to take chances on - I have always had a dream of knitting up a bunch of scarves, and going downtown (I'm in L.A. so it's not THAT cold... but it's the thought that counts) and handing them out to homeless - or going to a battered women's shelter and just leaving a stack there - each with a note explaining that it was made out of love - ... I think knitting from the heart is one of the most amazing things we can do - and mistakes and all, it makes our pieces turn out so much better - :)


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It looks like you've done all the research, James. What other kinds of information are you looking for?

OFA sends care packages 3 times a year to former foster children who are now attending college. In the February care package, they include a handmade red scarf, so they only accept scarves during the month of January.

I've no doubt they're a fine organization and it's definitely a cause worth supporting. The issue is that when children who are in the custody of the state (foster care, etc) turn 18, they "age out" of the system. They're on there own, and unless they were lucky enough to have a foster family that continues to provide emotional support, that can be very lonely. If you've ever been away from your family for months at a time (I was in the Navy), you know how wonderful it is to get a care package from home. It's letting these young adults know that someone cares about them.