whoa, Nellie!

damn you, eBay, and your wiley, economically-priced yarns! I must stop bidding on you. (not to mention other things like selvage jeans, stupid premium denim.) so, I didn't get the Noro Kureyon...

but I keep going back to the "Buy It Now" chunky Rowanspun.

I have more than enough yarn as is. plenty of stuff given to me by the aforementioned dear friend. lots of leftovers from past projects. a whole sweater's-worth once I'm finished the current cardigan, not to mention the first sweater that I've resigned myself to rip out. then, there's that fleece to be spun for a yet unnamed project. and, this weekend's outlet mall purchase of a XXL handknit sweater to rip for many balls-worth.

there will never be enough time or money to knit everything that my little heart desires. eventually, I'll have to prioritize my newfound interests with the classics I want to knit up on. just because a coworker/friend gushes about a certain Japanese beautifully-dyed yarn, doesn't mean I need to seek it out immediately. I have yet to earn the right to knit cashmere.

I need to go on a yarn diet. no more purchasing, online or off. no requesting freebies. then, I'll create a schedule for future projects and the stash I have. once that's done, there's reading to do (how many knitting books do I own and have never cracked???) and judicious selection of more projects.

how do people maintain jobs, or social lives with knitting? when is it appropriate for an intervention? can one tackle big projects like home-buying, starting a business or writing a book and balance those lovely little sticks and fiber?

maybe I should just start up a second project to feel more productive...