knitting frenzy

CRAPPY WEATHER. I work outside as long as I can bear it. The flat is halfway turned into a fiber studio, and looks like a tornado hit it. My current projects are mostly repair, BUT I got a coolish commission last night: To knit a pair of Christmas stockings from a 1930ish pattern for two young kids. Evidently granny has knit abot 30+ of these stockings for the family, but is too old to do it anymore, and the youngest are the only ones bereft. It's not hard: The pattern is poorly written, but I have a sample to work from...Just a long skinny stocking with chilren in intarsia, then a panel with santa, and then a panel with pine-trees before it becomes a standard stock bottom. What I stand to make from these will pay half a month's rent. AMEN! And, I borrowed a digital camera, soI can finally photograph some of my knit projects. Hoo hoo!


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wow! commissions... aah the goals you boys give me!

it sounds very nice to be a part of family tradition - and I'm excited to see what the piece looks like - my question is this... when you're interpreting her pattern, do you try to duplicate with the same yarns (color, type, etc.) or was it only important for the kids that they have that pattern - but in "contemporary" colors/yarns?




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Would you mind sharing the pattern with us? I'm particularly fond of textiles from the 1920 - 1930's.

My knitting is totally tubular!

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WOO HOO! Sounds brilliant! I have a link to something that SOUNDS very similar if it helps.

Hope it helps and hope you make your rent! DUDE, if only I could utilize my knitting for cash.

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As the socks need to match the others, they are as close as possible to the others. I am doing little more swiss darning: The chilren's hats and facial features, and instead of the name and birthyear going being knit across the entire cuff (so only half appears when sock is hung) I am going to embroider the name and birthyear on each side. I took buttloads of photos of all my knit stuff with a borrowed camera, but of course I forgot the little gadget that hooks it into my computer.... Soon, I promise.