It's been weeks since I've knitted anything meaningful - just some hats. So much is going on right now! I've been sick, work is plentiful, court stuff, visiting friends... The last thirty days have seemed low-energy and high-output, but all the work I've been doing is leading up to a trip to Mexico! Finally! I wonder how cheap yarn is in Mexico... I wonder what kind of tarrifs one pays if they resell Mexican goods to US customers...

Although I haven't been knitting much, I've been thinking about it a lot and helping others with their craft. Two gals who work for one of my clients knit and they want me to teach them how dpn's work.

I'm hoping to order some yarn from


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Good luck finding yarn in Mexico, Darrel.  Actually, it depends on where you will be.  If you're going to the Yucatan Peninsula (Merida, Playa del Carmen, Cancun), you'll be able to find mostly acrylic and cotton.  Although I did find an alpaca blend and Lion Brand Wool-Ease at WalMart.  There just isn't a knitting culture or history in that part of Mexico.  I'm guessing it's mostly because it doesn't get that cold.  There are some great textiles, like the hand-embroidered huipils, or blouses, that the Mayan women wear and the traditional guayabera shirts that the men where.  Oh, and the hammocks!  Amazing!  I would lay in mine for hours trying to figure out how it was made.

If you're going to be in Mexico City, there's a shop called L'Aguja Loca (the Crazy Needle) that would be worth a visit.  It's mostly aimed at embroidery, but it looks like they carry some knitting yarns, too.

Good luck!  Let us know if you find anything interesting.

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Have a great time in Mexico.  One of my knitting comrades here in Philadelphia did have trouble with her knitting needles when she was leaving Mexico.  The airport personnel took her dp sock needles away from her as she was planning to fly home.

Be prepared about that.  First time I have heard it happening in a long time.  JPaul is right on about those hammocks.  They are just a lovely pleasure to relax in.