Fantastic Voyage

Chris and I just got back from an *amazing* vacation. He won an RSVP vacation through an online sweepstakes - a week-long cruise to the Mexican Riviera. It was a total blast. This is me, getting ready to parasail on the beach at Mazatlan.

Knitting-wise, I took a teddy bear project with me. I got a little over half of the pieces done in the airport and on the plane - I have the head pieces, ears, soles of the feet, and body front; I need to do the body back, arms and legs, and make it up. I will have photos of that once it's put together. I'm making it with one strand of Lion Brand suede and one brand of their Tiffany eyelash held together; it makes a dense fabric with a really soft wispy nap. This will be a present for one of my neices or nephews; haven't quite decided which kid gets which bear yet.

More photos from the cruise on my journal:

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Aaronknits's picture

Very cool!!! I have always wanted to go parasailing. I'm working on a teddy bear at the moment too. it's the pattern in the latest Interweave. I think it's a special "gift issue".