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I need referrals to good yarn stores in the following cities. Can anyone help?

San Francisco, Ca..... Seattle, WA....Milwaukee, WI... and Vancouver, BC.

Thanks a bunch.


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in San Francisco,
Imagiknits on 18th st. in the Castro
there are several others...but those are the don't miss ones...

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I know of Imagiknits: My photo above is infront of their sign, actually....

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In Seattle:
- The Yarn Gallery in West Seattle (5633 California Ave SW, Seattle)
- Hilltop Yarn on Queen Anne Hill (2224 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle) They have a store in Downtown Bellevue too.
- Acorn Street Yarn (2818 NE 55th St, Seattle) in the University District.
- Weaving Works (4717 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle), also in the University District.

I've had almost no luck in Vancouver, BC. There's a nice shop in Surrey (just north of the border). I'll try and dig up the name of it.

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Have you gone to Tricoter? Is that any good? They do a good book.

No, but I've been meaning to get off the island and into Vancouver for a while to find some yarn shops.



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I agree Imagiknits and Artfibres are a must-see. If you make it down to South San Francisco there is also Cottage Yarns ( ) Cottage Yarns is a no-frills-lotsa-yarn kind of place.

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My life is a Craft, not a blog. 

The Atellier (My speling may not be correct) on Divisadero and near California Street In San Francisco, less yarn than Imaginknit, but some curious skeins. I have ought some nice egyptian cotton yarn from them

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I've never been to Tricoter. I've heard and read terrible things about it (very rude and snooty help)

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Ooh! I LOVE rude and snooty help. The nastier they are, the more I make them pull yarn from inventory, ask a lot of questions and use up their time, and then leave them with all the yarn to put away, not buying a thing. If they're really mean, I pull a ball from the bottom of a carefully set up display and watch as the whole mass spills to the floor. (evil glee, rubbing of hands...) "whoopsie"