WOOO HOOO...finally gone and done it.

I start a new part time job this weekend. I'm gonna work at mlys. I'll get to work two Saturday's a month there...working around the shop, doing inventory, stocking and such. We're gearing up for a new computer system to do inventory, accounting and to hook to a live inventory website.

Now if I can just get them geared into machines too...LOL

Oh well...

Oh hey...current project...(catch yourselves..it's a handknit) HEDGEHOGS...I'll be posting pictures of the little beasts as I get them done.


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Very cool! If I had the time for a part time job I would love to work in a yarn store. I'm kinda jealous!

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Kiddo, BE VERY CAREFUL. Being surrounded by yarn all day long can lead to impulse buying and hoarding: Circling around the sale bin growling at any customer who comes near the discontinued Italian mohair that you want for yourself.... It is a very slippery slope (says the man with THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS worth of yarn at home). BEWARE! BEWARE!

Also, thrill to when the little old ladies refuse to be served by you because you couldn't possibly know as much as they do. (I had an experience, because I was the most expert in the store at crochet...one lady went around asking EVERY salesperson but me, all of whom assured her that I was quite experienced and could easily answer her question...) sigh. No-one ever told me that I couldn't be a fiber artist due to the mere possession of a penis, but there you are. Good luck!

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I'm ordering a "Men Who Knit" T-Shirt, just for a warning. LOL

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I once told a woman who was being a ASS, "I learned to knit when I was a girl, but that was a long time ago, before I went to Denmark, ALLRIGHT?!?"

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I have never had the inclination towards pilferage but I think that working in an LYS would push me over the edge. I can see myself now with balls of cashmere stuffed under my armpits and not waving goodbye at the end of the night.

On the bright side I could do my 5 to 15 years knitting up my ill gotten gains!

Congrats on the job,


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............Erma Bombeck

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How can you mention Knitted hedgehogs and not give a link to the pattern or a picture?

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