Doing a new felted slipper I found, cable guy felted slipper I think off KNitty. Anyway, I've never done a sock before. But I think I turned the heel and stuff all ok. It was really pretty exciting! I didn't even have to go into the yarn store for help! Now I have to cable the front and think I'll be done! I'll post pictures of this along with my kinda free handing the half dome cap on the magic loop when I get em done. I couldn't watch the OU-Texas A/M game on satuareday, so I felted 5 purses during the game! They all came out ok. Talk to you guys next week.


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Turning a heel on a sock is one of the greatest knitting things you can do. It makes you feel so smart and you are truly amazed by your knitterly talents. I love sock knitting.

I'm working on the 2nd sock of a pair using Paton's Kroy sock yarn. Once that is done I'm going to try a pair of toe-up 2-at-once socks.


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Dude, you rock. (And I swear football was designed for knitters: There is what, like 10 actual minutes of football played in a 2 hour game? What else are you going to do besides drink beer and eat pretzels?

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YAY!!! I'm not the only one who watches football and knits! :D

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I think turning a heel is something that has incredibly conveluted and difficult instructions for something that (once accomplished) is actually quite simple.

but then again, I cheat and use a simple short row heel.

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