Kniting my Santa's hat continues

The pattern calls for straight needles, but I want it to be made on circular needles. I finished the hat and did not like the way it looked at all, so I frogged the hat to about 4 inches and I am redoing the hat in a different way.

I have changed my perspective on the needles and have a very long cable for the needles and I will see how this turns out. I will dedicate some time to it today as I have a Teddy bear to Crochet during the weekend for a Teddy Bear Exchange.

I ordered a men who knit CD, hopefully I will see how to knit properly. LOL I taught myself and I know that the problems that I have encountered are due to not having the knowledge, but I don't shy away fro it, I will continue.

We shall see you later.


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It's awesome that you have taken on the challenge of learning to knit by yourself. You are doing well, if you haven't yet thrown down the needles in frustration!

I do think that you really need to see a real live person knit, and have them watch your work as well. There are so many things you are doing that you don't know about, and someone else can point out an easier, more efficient way to do it. And we do need encouragement from another knitter too! And inspiration...

Check for a yarn store in your area. If there is a store, there must be knitters nearby! There may be a small group -- ask around. If possible, find a guild; they have classes and programs and generally are enablers like no other! Of course, there is this group-- you can ask us anything you like -- I'm sure someone here has an answer for you.

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Hand on there buddy: I'm coming down in a month, or you should hit the Imagiknits: I'm sure they have a knit-night.


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don't assume because you knit differently then someone else that it is "WRONG" - there are many ways to the same result. As long as you are pleased with the result - or figure out a way YOU can fix what you *don't* like using *your* methods - then you are fine.

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