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still getting the hang of posting!
I've just completed the first square of a four square throw.
This one is 80cm by 80cm (32"by 32") in grey 45% wool 45% acrylic and 10% mohair.
I've just started the second square in chocolate brown 100% wool.

The socks I made on my knitting machine, first pair I've been happy with. They are made from 75% wool and 25% nylon.


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wow! Were those socks knit on the machine flat, or do you have a CSM?? They do look great!

Hi tallguy,
thanks for the comment. The socks were knitted on my flatbed Singer 329 (standard gauge) with the ribber attached. I'm not sure what a csm is?
Once I got the hang of it each sock takes me about 2 hours to knit then about 1 hour to finish off by hand.

Just looked at your blog - snow! we are having a 30+ day here in Sydney, very warm.

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"we are having a 30+ day here in Sydney" OOOH!! Don't you just hate smug people like that!??

CSM = Circular Sock Machine

Yah, I know... it's really cheating!