Hello World

Well, I finally decided to maintain a blog here and since this is the first post, I'll introduce myself: My name's Walter, I live in northern California, I'm a recluse with way too much time on my hands, I've been crocheting for about 1.5 years, knitting for about 1.3 years, spinning for nine months, and think that clapotis sounds like some type of nasty STD. My live in girlfriend helped me get into the fiber arts by teaching me how to crochet, and I didn't do much with that knowledge until we moved up here where there's actually a winter. After I got crocheting down, I taught myself how to knit, and later to spin, which my girlfriend just loves; I'm trying to start selling handspun yarn online to help fund my yarn/fiber addiction but so far it's all getting claimed before I can post it.

Introduction aside, I do have a question:

I've noticed that sometimes when i'm doing stockinette on straight needles, one side, the left side when the knit side's facing, is always looser than the other and finally figured out why, when I'm going in to knit, I'm pulling the stitches so that there's tons of slack being carried over to the end but don't do this when purling. I must add that I knit continental. Weird thing is, I don't always do this, and this is only really noticeable when I'm knitting on tiny needles with thin yarn but its still something I'm doing wrong that I need to fix. I've tried moving the yarn holding finger instead of moving the needle but I still wind up with the left side looser, just not as bad. So far the closest thing to a solution is to make a conscious effort to do this when purling too. If anyone knows of any advice or tricks to get me to stop doing this, it would be appreciated.


Hi, Wally,

After many years of knitting, I finally developed an even, regular stitch. So, keep on knitting. Try a few projects with lots of stitches -- say, a blanket made with fingering weight yarn. Or a sweater made from lace-weight yarn on size 0 needles. Then, you will either knit very evenly or will be so crazy you won't care.

Have fun,