I have been woking on these for about a week now and am a third through the second one. The pattern is out of a Dale of Norway Book and I am knitting them in alpaca.


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They are truly beautiful. I admire your fine colour work. How do you like knitting with alpaca???

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Stunning. Very nice. For you or some lucky someone?

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They are for my darling man who has requested that I braid a string between them so he does not loose them.

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Excellent work! Alpaca will be so nice to wear! It doesn't have much memory at all, but for mittens, that is just fine. They are very warm, so I know they will be greatly appreciated. Yes, I would recommend that you put some strings on them! Honest!

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These tempt me to try some colourwork. D*mn you! (I mean that in the nicest possible way)

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