Finished green rovings

Late this summer, I posted to my blog some pics showing that I had a huge stash. I had finally collected them all from the storage places, and put it into one space. A lady from Ontario said she had some roving she wasn't going to use, and did I want it? What was she thinking? So I did the only thing I could do ---

It arrived in mid-August and I set to spinning it. I took some with me when I went to see Mom, and did one skein while there, and I have just finished the rest of it this week. They are mostly in a teal/blue colour, and a pale grey/green shade... actually quite nice when spun. I did all of this on the CD spindle. Each skein is 4 oz. They are all 3-ply because I like the round yarns better. I put in quite a lot of twist into the singles, and they will have good definition in the stitch patterns. I have a feeling it may all go into some kind of Aran sweater. We'll see.

I'm working on some white and some dark brown right now. The white was wonderful to spin, and is incredibly soft. I don't know what breed of sheep it is, but I don't often come across an unlabelled roving this nice.

I'll see if I can post some pics as well. I wish there were some instructions in how to use all these things here!

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Beautiful photos. It all looks yummy!!

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Lovely job. I love the dark blue yarn.


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Wow, That is some even spinning. It looks like Reynolds Candide, but a 3 ply version. I like my own handspun to look more irregular, so someone a mile away will know that I spun it myself. (kind of, sort of, true) I'm very impressed, actually.