When God Slams The Door On Your Butt......

....He sometimes knocks you through a closed window. One that I thought I had thouroughly nailed shut back in August.

It turns out the guy I have been 'seeing' the past few weekends is perpetually COLD! And me here sitting on a few boxes of yarn. What's a boy to do? Yes, there are blessings in this world.

Now all I have left to do is take the comforter off the bed and put the summer bedspread back on! (wink, y'all)


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Chris - if you look around a bit you could probably find some nice light printed flannel sheets on sale - they'd *LOOK* like a bedspread - but be a lot cooler...

any suggestion to help a friend.

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My life is a Craft, not a blog. 

He needs some cashmere socks, LOL !

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Felted underwear or a felted jock can always be nice! :-)

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Bless your furry little heart for making me laugh.

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I know the feeling of being perpetually cold. All too well! He's lucky to have you to keep him warm.

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~Mike in Tampa (who's at the point of tears with Pride. Way to go, Bud!)

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