Tales from the T.A.R.D.I.S.

some day I'll have to look up what those initials stand for...

Spent most of my weekend back in 1842 preparing for Her Majesty Victoria's visit to the lovely village of Skaneateles - President Polk* is hosting HRM for negotiations regarding the Oregon Territory, an inspection of the local Teasel industry (see? fiber content!) and a good American Christmas Celebration.

anyway - since a lot of the rehearsal time is spent sitting I kept my hands occupied working on one of the shawls I haven't finished up yet - just a couple more rows to the edge on this one; and started another Christmas stocking to be felted. If I get enough done this week then NEXT week I'll be working with heavier yarn and bigger needles and knitting a shawl for one of the characters. Probably a nice simple Faroese garter stitch shawl with a simple lace band. If I can find the second skein of that garnet-red yarn.

Has to be pretty mindless knitting though, because though I know most of the words to the songs we sing (this event involves 4 hours a day of caroling - outside - in Upstate NY!) and the melodies - the music director likes us to sing harmonies...and I don't read music. Add to that trying to learn to sing a different tune then the one you've been singing for somewheres around 50 years *WHILE* someone sings the familiar tune right next to you...my poor brain cell is fried.

Had a bit of a scare as one of the directors comes up to me at a break and very seriously asks if they could ask me to do them a favour (not usually a good sign). My relief was huge when it turned out she wanted me to repair the shawl I had made her...she snagged it recently. So that is home with me until next weekend - I brought it back so I can do a really good repair job - might as well earn what brownie points I can before the production starts.

meanwhile on the knitting front outside of rehearsals I'm working on Rose of England Shawl; and test knitting a pattern for a designer (a triangular shawl involving both lace knitting and knitted lace - whichever is which - this design has both) and ramping up to do several baby blankets - while looking with guilt at several other shawls stalled at various points. I really shouldn't feel THAT guilty though - I figured out last weekend that MOST of my projects I did start in 2006 (though there are two hanging around from 2004) and even though I just finished the one I cast on New Year's day - I have finished seven other shawls this year that were cast on AFTER that project. and two christmas stockings. and a mit-scarf-en.

*yes - we know Polk wasn't president in 1842 - but who says the TARDIS always hits the correct alternate reality? Besides - the actor who plays Polk does a good Tennessee accent. And we know it's an alternate reality because Victoria never visited NY state - though Charles Dicken's did - even if he didn't stop in Skaneateles.


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