Spoiling the image

I have discovered that finding out that I knit spoils the image for some of the fellows I date. A big burly guy, does stonework, creates gardens, trains horses, works on cars... but also knits socks hats mittens sweaters and does repair work on same.... Well POOP on them. If I end up a spinster, so be it. I'll just have my dogs and horses and gardens...and walls covered in yarn filled shelving. (I sound like a quilter....) That being said, I feel pretty good today (in spite of the rainy weather). Last night I fixed a holey wool afghan for a fellow. His late wife knit it for his late mother, and now he has it. I was able to exactly match the felted texture of it with "Merino Frappe" which was a close color match as well. Due to the felting, there was no way this puppy was going to come apart, but nor could I crochet the repairs: I had to fake the texture with a darning needle: Making loops and pulling the yarn through in a series of chains, and then sewing the chain down to the undamaged crochet. It's not exact, but you really have to look close to find the repairs, and I'm sure he will be very happy. I've never met him (the owner) and I look forward to delivering it to him in person. After that I repaired a very fine cashmere top. The yarn was a fine as thread, so that's what I used...ever tried doing duplicate stitch in sewing thread. It's possible, but you need good eyes and good lighting. Amazingly, outside of the sheen of the cotton, the repair is almost invisible. (It doesn't feel as soft, of course, but as the repair is on a hidden section of the neck (back of turtle neck) It should be fine. Ah well....Out into the rain with me.

"I'd rather be knitting."


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I can't imagine you, being so darned good looking, and with so many talents, ever having a problem with dating.

The basenji would seal the deal for me. Though I do still love my Italian Greyhounds and my Pharaoh Hound.

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Y'know, I've discovered that. I can do basic auto repair, basic home repair, do cowboy stuff (like roundups and branding), lots of farm work, and crap like that and guys'll go 'Ooooooh, BUTCH!' but you grab some yarn and knit a scarf? Automatically a great big grandmother. Men are dumb. There's just no accounting for stupidity.

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You know, man. I sort of go through the same thing. I'm hardly burly, but I'll sit here with some Nitzer Ebb, or Skinny Puppy, or Rob Zombie playing with my cute little shaved head and combat boots knitting getting the strangest rolled eyes from people who sort of whisper with their weird glances, "I thought you were COOL." Nonetheless, you and I are both aware the silence and quite we get from knitting is so much more valuable than whatever noise we get from whiners who wished you were more of a stereotype. Cheers, man...

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I totally chose my man based on his hand knitted scarf. :)

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I am sure we could veer into a discussion of internalized homophobia and aggression transference, but rather than get all heavy I'll just say that boys are big dookie-heads.

They often change their tune when they decide they really need a new hat, want a pair of pants hemmed or forgot to get a birthday present for their mom.

One thing I am enjoying about being single this x-mas is that I only have to make presents for my own family and friends.

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

Dunno, sounds like a pretty rounded, multi-talented sort of person to me...

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Excellent! There are thousands of pieces of knitting that need repairing, but no one can find anyone that does that. I have done repairs for a few people, and they were truly grateful. To salvage a favourite sweater that Grandma made them is something that is priceless. Good for you for doing this. To truly do a good job, you have to have a thorough understanding of knitting/crochet/weaving, and how yarns behave over time.

I have met some men, that over time, I discovered were knitters. They sheepishly admitted it to me, after I mentioned many times that I spin/knit/weave. It's something that they do in secret. But why?

At one time, it was all done by men. Until they invented machines to do knitting, then men dropped the handwork, leaving it to their wives and children. But if you can make a good living at it, then they change their tune! If a man has the khutspa to shave his head and go out in public (remember a few years back), then he should be able to take out his needles on the bus, and let everyone stare. For some, it's a real chick magnet!

Do what you want. Life is too short (we learn sadly too late) to waste time trying to please others.