Scrap Blanket center panel

I have been working on a center panel (about 3' x 3') for a scrap blanket - and just finished that part of the piece - it's just plain knit straight across, with a small border, but in the center field of the work I have mixed in hundreds of different scraps - with no plan or scheme, really, other than to try not to get the same color next to itsself. Now that this part is complete, the next step (I think) will be to pick up one side of the piece (probably a right or left side) and go out from there - then do the opposite side, then top and bottom - or maybe like a log cabin.... I'm not sure.

I have plenty of the green "base" yarn left - do any of you have creative suggestions as to what I should do to build on this idea?



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Can you take close up pix?

So far looks great - but can you take a close up picture of the blanket (or a detail of it) so we can see the color work? I'd love to see how you handled all those colors. Did you work in all the loose ends? Or just let them hang?

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Thanks for the pix ...

Thanks for posting another picture. What a difference it makes. Your work looks wonderful. I love how you handled all the colors and textures. Great work.