Stepping toward knitting

Friday, a friend and I hanging out at the local bookstore, and he came across this zine called CRAFT. It had alot cool stuff, but the thing that intrest me the most was the knit robot on the cover. I instantly thought I want to make one. But I also was thinking I would have no real time for it now. Saturday, those robots where bouncing around in my head while I was studing. I really want to learn how to make a knit-bot. Luckly, some other friends and I went back to the bookstore. I was going to but that zine, but it was 15 dollars, and it didn't teach you how to knit. So I just scratched the idea. However, Sunday, those bots were just pounding my head all day and night while I was studying—I had a test today, thus all the studying. So went on line and tried to some research. And tell you the truth, I was redundant. Itn't his a chic thing? I was glad to see that it was not. So I joined this group.

TODAY, after I took my exam, I went the bookstore looked at the books mentioned on and another called "Knitting With Balls: A Hands-On Guide to Knitting for the Modern Man". They were expensive for me right now. I have to be really tight with working less hours and Christmas coming. However, my friend, who was also interested in knitting, showed up. We glanced at the books and went to Hobby Lobby and he bought some needles and yarn, plus a cheap $5 booklet called something like "My First Knitting Teacher". [He kind of embrassed me when he asked a worker helping us if there were many straight men that knited (She said she knew no male kniter that was gay). I guessed he felt it was necessary to claim his machismo.] We later went to a friends house and the first thing we tried to do was make a ball of yarn. That took us an hour. Yeah, sad. We were not able to really understand the book. So we were getting frustrated and gave up for the day.

This Friday is payday, so I might get my first tools and yarn then. I want a robot! I guess the question I want to ask is:

How did ya'll learn to knit?


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Hey, man. Are you having trouble understanding the stitches? Cause I know its a bitch trying to figure them out with drawn diagrams. Here's a link to a website that has VIDEO clips of how to do the stitches. I taught myself to knit from a book, also. But, these clips really helped me to understand just what the hell was going on. Cheers!

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My life is a Craft, not a blog. 

Masculinity should never be measured by ones ability to make knots with two sticks unless you are in a dress, then is a different story. LOL.

It takes patience and time , once you cast your stitches you canmake a scarf in no time. Then again what's the hurry?

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I have to admit that having the courage to just go to a small yarn shop and sit with the folks there will give you a huge headstart into knitting - I know that having friends teach me hands on has helped tremendously - and while it seems tricky at first, you will catch on quickly. Go visit - buy inexpensive yarn and needles and try making a scarf - it's the best (and usually first) step in a knitters life - once you learn to knit, you'll learn the purl stitch, then increasing/decreasing, yarn overs, etc. (all the neat tricks that will help you make your robot!)

And, who knows... if you show the robot page to your new knitting friends someone might make one for you for the Holidays! :)



If someone knits me a robot, why would I bother? That does not mean other can take a look. There is no pattern though. IN fact, getting the pattern is going to be hard. It is not in the Craft zine, and she is no longer going to make the out-of-print book which has it.

Funny, I wore a skirt the other day playing Maria in "12th Night". It was for class, not the public. But the instructor is a fag-hag, so I needed all the points I could get.
I think this will be my first project. I bought some yarn and neddles, but I do not have time to knit until winter break before Christmas.

Hey everyone, thanks for the info. I am going to do this!

Those robots are cool! Save the photos, because I think once you learn the basics of knitting you will easily be able to design your own without a pattern.