Hats for Christmas 2006

I am getting ahead in my double pointed needles, and I am half way done with another hat in reds and greens in a circular needles. The pattern is very funky and the material is very nice. 100% merino wool Aurora 8 from Karabella.

I also got some new yarn for socks today from Smiley yarns, lots of great colors and nice textures with different kinds of wool blends. I am attemping to do some knited socks later on, here is a picture of my crochet socks.

I am very excited because I think I got back my kniting groove again. Woohoo! I am working on many projects, but it keeps my neuropathy away of I take turns between crocheting and kniting.

Will keep you posted.

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What hat pattern are you using. I'm doing the half dome right now. Not sure its going to turn out right. Have you ever done the magic loop? I think its much easier than double points. I think both methods have their advantages, but I think I prefer the magic loop.