Finally stepped into the late 90's and bought an iPod, although it is really just an excuse to knit more cozys.

This one is based on the Harry Potter scarf, but for Ravenclaw not Gryffindor. (Yup, i really am that nerdy).

It is made out of a wool/alpaca blend leftover from the clog-along. It features a button closure made with short rows, hole at the bottom for docking and chain-stitched symbols over the click wheel so I can push the buttons without taking it out.

Now that I have made it, I an worried that the yarn may scratch the surface. Have any of you found this to be a problem? What other yarns (if any) might be a better choice?

I may just get a silicone skin to go over it inside the cozy. That should avoid any worries.

Addendum: I hadn't really planned to bust out the big-boy camera for this one, but Kiwiknitter asked nicely, so I figured I'd add a couple attachments in case any one else wanted to see.

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