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One month to go: The sweaters for mom and dad, the backs completed. Mom's is the small squares pattern from Kaffe Fassett, and dad is just the extra long tails from when I cut the yarn for the sqares for mom. They will both be V neck cardigans. I think a month is an appropriate time for a beat the clock christmas sweater segment, don't you? The color is a little off: They actually are both more green than anything.


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Very nice! I love the squares! Are they sewn together or knitted to each other? The colours are very pretty. I used to send knitted items to my parents for holiday gifts. Although they loved them, my mother was very embarrassed that her eldest fag son knitted them and when someone would ask where the garment came from, her reply was "One of my children made it" all the while hoping like hell that no one inquired further and she'd have to disclose the male gender! I am sure your parents will love these - after all, what's not to like?!

My knitting is totally tubular!

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I am in LOVE with the squares! (I am going to guess that you knitted these- the transition from one to another looks so smoothe!) - my question is this: did you have a plan as to the color layout before you started her block sweater and do you have one to continue the front? Secondly, are the scraps for your father's sweater in any pattern? (I was thinking maybe you followed the same sequence as the block one in order of colors?)




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Great job on both sweaters and a month early for Christmas. How in the heck were the squares made and attached to each other. Where did you get the pattern?
Also glad to read that you have a couple of custom jobs (Christmas stockings)that will pay the rent!! Why to go!! You rock.



...A Kaffe Fassett pattern? I bow down before ye, oh mighty knitter.


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The small squares pattern is from Kaffe Fassett's first book, Glorious Knits. (I actually just used the color-graphic pattern, and have plugged it into a custom designed sweater-shape for my mother.) It is done intarsia: Knit as one piece of fabric, switching colors as you go down the row~ you drop the previous color tail over the one you're picking up, thereby twisting the yarn and eliminating the opportunity for holes. Dad's sweater is just leftover tails, in no particular order, with some longer stretches of yarn thrown in to break it up. Both are quite easy: It's just stockinette, but I recommend weaving in the ends as you go, because if you have to sew them in afterwards, YOU.... WILL.... CUSS.... In Mom's sweater, I did not plan per se the exact color placement: I just prepared yard long bundles of a mix of different yarns (worsted weight)in the number of colors I needed for each row of squares, with two extra for designer freedom, and tried to make sure that distinctive yarns are evenly placed: The bright chartreuse, for example.

Truly a fabulous job, Bob! I'm spinning up some silk in that very color way. Kind of looks like opal when blended with the white silk. Woo Hoo for you!

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